Our client asked us to build a pair of 3 bedroom semi-detached houses on their plot in Chapel Amble.

The houses consisted of timber frame and block construction with feature stone porches & conservatories. (We offered to build the timber frame onsite due to the long delays at all the local timber frame factories. This allowed the customer to start their project earlier than anticipated, meaning they could be moved in well before Christmas).

The clients were building these houses so that their son & daughter had one each. This meant that each house was designed and fitted out slightly differently due to their own individual tastes.

Both houses were installed with Solar Electric PV roof panels, Air Source Heat Pumps & Grey water storage tanks.

"Andreas and his team built a pair of semi-detached houses in our garden. They were very professional, hardworking and considerate. The build was quick and the houses are of good quality. There were a few small issues during the build (There always are). Andreas was always happy to listen and find a good working solution. From start to occupation took 10 months. We were planning to use a factory made timber frame for the main structure. As this would have delayed the build at a crucial time we were persuaded to have the frame built on site by the team. I priced this section of the build and compared it to the SW Frames quote. It was within £200, I can't remember which was cheaper. The house have been occupied for 3 years now by family members who are very happy with them."
- John and Sue Rickard